Nick hates his hometown, and unlike his best friends Katy and Jeremy, he’s stuck there.

All three are on the verge of graduation. Katy has her sights set on a prestigious school on the other side of the continent in a city that actually knows what drama and plays are, while Jeremy is looking forward to formalizing his knowledge of voshebst circuitry and freeing himself of his town’s rigid sexual mores.

Nick, however, does not have any clear escape trajectory. His grades aren’t particularly good, and his parents are keen for him to carry on the family business. But Nick has loftier goals. After years of exploring the stacks of the local library, he has learned the geography and politics of his country in extraordinary detail. He dreams of nothing less than the opportunity to see those sights for himself.

But without any clear plan, his fate appears sealed, at least until an offhand comment by Jeremy’s grandfather piques his interest, and sets Nick and his friends onto a path of discovery and adventure that will change the shape of their lives forever.


The Opytt Republic.jpg


The map of the Opytt Republic was drawn by Robert Altbauer of Fantasy-Map.net.


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