2015 Retrospective & 2016 Planning

2015 was an incredible year.

I blew my reading goals out of the water, finishing a total of thirty-one books instead of the planned twenty-four. Three of those books were works of literary criticism: Metamorphoses of Science Fiction by Darko Suvin, The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction by Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr., and Critical Theory and Science Fiction by Carl Freedman. I have a fourth lined up for next year, Archeologies of the Future by Frederic Jameson.

I accomplished all of my publishing goals, too. I published both Lore & Logos and Schrödinger's City, and I set myself up well in terms of short stories. I wrote enough of them this year to constitute a second collection, which I have planned for March, titled Transmutations of Fire and Void.

If there was one area in which I slipped, it's that I don't have a draft of a novel ready to go for late next year. I attribute this largely to the fact that I've spent a lot of time searching for the novel that will follow Schrödinger's City instead of writing it. Last year at this time, I thought that novel would be Fren, but that novel didn't feel right, not right now. I then came up with a wonderful nugget of an idea in the form of a project titled The Land of the Free, and while that's a great, great concept with many appealing aspects to it, it's just not logistically feasible–I'd have to do a lot of expensive traveling to get all of its details right, and I'm not prepared to financially commit to that right now.

And then I stumbled upon Dessyit. That shall be my next project. When a project dominates my mental world in the way this idea has, I know it's right.

My reading goal for 2016: thirty-two books.

My publishing goals for 2016: Transmutations of Fire and Void, Dessyit, and the anthology I'm editing, Beyond the Hedge.

I'm looking forward to an incredible 2016 as well.