New Editions Released

In February of 2016, I sold out of all my paper copies of Voyage Embarkation and Insomnium. I ran out of Alterra later that same year. By that time, I was already toying with the idea of shutting down the press, and I wanted to redesign the covers of those books, anyway. I also knew that Voyage Embarkation needed a textual overhaul before I would consider republishing it. As a result, I ended up leaving those books out of print.

I decided to shut down Fuzzy Hedgehog Press in November of 2016, and with it went the Amazon availability of all the rest of my first editions: Lore & Logos, Schrödinger’s City, Transmutations of Fire and Void, Adventurers of Opytt, and Beyond the Hedge Volume 1. The novella I wrote in November of 2016, Our Algorithm Who Art Perfection, never got print published anywhere, except for a one-of-a-kind edition I had printed as a gift to my husband.

As of today, most of these books are back on Amazon, and with snazzy new covers:

One of my behind-the-scenes projects during my long blog absence was a mega-overhaul of Voyage Embarkation’s text. When I first decided to sit down and really write Voyage in 2011, I went searching for writing groups. Most of the groups I found were abysmal in quality (there were a few exceptions), and being relatively naive in 2011 and 2012, I ended up absorbing and incorporating a lot of very bad feedback into Voyage Embarkation’s first edition. During 2017, I completely reworked the novel’s first five chapters and affected other heavy edits throughout the rest of it. The plot structure is still essentially the same, but stylistically it should feel much more consistent with my later writings.

I’m generally not a fan of that kind of thing. I could probably do something very similar to Insomnium or even Alterra at this point, but in those cases I would prefer to let the original text stand. That’s because even though the voice there is less developed, at least it’s mine. The thing that really started to bug me re-reading Voyage was that it sounded too much like a hodgepodge of voices from my former writing group. That had to go.

Insomnium, Alterra, and Schrödinger’s City are largely unchanged; I made only minor edits here and there.

Transmutations is my new, definitive early short fiction collection. It contains the best stories of Lore & Logos and Transmutations of Fire and Void, organized thematically, and with new commentaries at the beginning of each thematic grouping. I also included the novella Our Algorithm Who Art Perfection, making it available in print for the first time ever.

All of these books are available as paperbacks and for Kindle both. You can find the Amazon links to my books on the new ‘Books’ section of this website, and also on my Amazon author page.

Next Steps

I have some unpublished stories sitting around that I am working on getting into publishable shape. In 2015, at one of the good writing groups, I sat down to write, and I found myself instead sketching out an archipelago and placing city-states upon it. Out of that came six stories—one flash fiction, three short stories, and two novelettes—set in the world of Palípoli. These will be released soon as The Shipwright and Other Stories.

Another novel has been brewing in my mind, one inspired by both Palípoli and my recent excursion into Classical literature (specifically Herodotus’s Histories and Thucydides’s The Peloponnesian War). In my novel, three writers, each separated by a thousand years, attempt to narrate the history of a war, but each brings their own distortions to the events, and much to their dismay, the distortions begin to cross timeframes, further disrupting each writer’s ability to form a coherent narrative. Even more disturbingly, the distortions begins to steer the war, which was won, toward being a war which was in fact lost, an outcome that would have disastrous consequences for all three characters’ civilizations. The working title is The True History of the Ksezian War. It is in the drafting phase.