New Publication: The Shipwright and Other Stories

Available on Amazon in paperback and eBook on August 5, 2019

Back in 2016, during the last writing group I attended in Seattle (one of the good ones), I arrived at group one morning, and instead of writing, I found myself drawing a map. I had just finished binging on Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea novels, as it happened, so it should be unsurprising that an archipelago emerged.

When I’d finished, I got to wondering what that world was like. A couple of things happened simultaneously. First, I wanted to draw on my budding interest in the Classical Greek world, so I decided upon an iron age civilization composed of heterogenous but culturally similar city-states. Second, I had come to realize, after publishing Schrödinger’s City, that I had been unconsciously trying to diminish the number of fantastic elements in my stories while maximizing the narrative efficacy of those I chose to include. I decided to push this principle even further in my new world. The world of Palípoli has three moons. That’s it. No magic. No monsters. No aliens. Three moons.

But from that one change, I was able to create vast societal, religious, and cultural differences from real world iron age civilizations.

Although I may not have released any new short stories or novels since the electronic publication of Our Algorithm Who Art Perfection in 2016, giving the appearance of stagnation, I’ve in fact been quite busy, writing Palípoli stories sporadically throughout the last three years.

The collection includes six short stories:

  1. “The Shipwright”

  2. “Persistence, Vision, Focus”

  3. “Simple Reason”

  4. “The Measure”

  5. “Rite of Courage”

  6. “Something Novel”

The Shipwright and Other Stories will be available in eBook and paperback on August 5 of this year.