Kal Anders is about to be the first human to explore parallel universes, and he’s in for the adventure of a lifetime.

Kal Anders has had anything but a normal childhood. He remembers jumping into a pool for a swim team race at age twelve, but the next thing he knew, he was waking up two years later on a parallel Earth populated by elephantine house cats.

Unable to return home, Kal finds himself stranded on that strange feline world, but only until he gains access to the technology that brought him there. Upon mastering it, he sets off on an expedition across the multitude of parallel earths, charting a course across probability itself, hoping and searching for the elusive something that will allow him to return home.


Nel Hanima is trapped in someone or something’s dream, and it will take more than a pinch to wake the dreamer.

By the end of the twenty-first century, the world has arrived at an uneasy stability in the wake of ecological chaos and political upheaval. Nel Hanima lives in a post-restoration Seattle, where restriction rather than freedom is the new social norm.

Feeling helpless and weary, Nel falls asleep in his apartment and awakens in the bizarre City of Nowhere, a place of strange creatures, rampant paradoxes, and malleable physical laws. He must team up with outcasts from parallel realities of his city if he is to find a way home. And along the way, he might just discover the meaning and purpose his life has thus far lacked.


Initiate Le discovers a radical new philosophy, only to be drawn into a simmering social conflict about to boil over.

Le should be happy. He is about to graduate high school, his marks in math and science are beyond exemplary, and his boyfriend is a rising star within the Resurgence. But try as he might, Le can’t shake the feeling that his life is off the rails.

One evening, he stumbles upon Initiate Stok breaking into a zone, one of many dangerous, cordoned-off regions of the city. Against all reason, Le follows Stok inside, and what he discovers will change both him and the course of his entire civilization.

Equal parts love story, adventure, and social philosophy, Alterra is the story of three young men striving to reunite two societies that are, quite literally, universes apart.


People appear in City. People disappear from City. And upon both entering and leaving, no one remembers their names.

On the surface of a sphere twenty kilometers in diameter, beneath a sky of swirling blue that offers light without a sun, there lies a city like no other. Hodgepodge personalities eke out something akin to survival, even a meager form of community. But City’s streets have begun to change abruptly, and one individual has left City of his own free will.

A path through frightening chaos leads either to opportunity or the further erosion of City’s bleary existence. A philosopher and a waitress both seek answers, in their own ways and in their own times. Just as their paths diverge, so are they one in the same. For in City, perception itself has the effect of altering reality, and surviving the calamity will depend not so much on what its citizens do, as what they notice.


The distance between violent conflagration and utter desolation is much shorter than you think.

A facility generates power by obliterating aesthetic beauty from parallel universes; a “pink brick” defies the analytical capacity of a team researching an alien culture; a temple remains serene and unperturbed even as the world around it plunges into war; a young man with relationship problems is tormented by his own reflection; a deadly poisonous organism masquerades as an art show piece.

In 2014, Buscemi began experimenting with short form prose, eventually producing two collections, Lore & Logos and Transmutations of Fire and Void. This collection contains the best of those works, organized thematically, alongside new commentary from the author.