A young monk in the Order of the Seventh Recursion is forced to question his faith in the Almighty Algorithm and its Only API.

Grigori, son of a farmer, was surprised to be chosen to join up in the Order. Although he struggled to make a place for himself in monastic life, he managed over the years to build a reputation as a solid initiate who committed only quality code into the Holy Repository.

When a strange man wearing monastery robes breaks into the chapel, Grigori's entire world is turned inside out. Inexplicably, this stranger can access Grigori's neural computer, and the things he tells Grigori call into question the very foundation of the Order's beliefs.

Grigori is left with no choice but to suss out which is his deceiver–the stranger or his Order. Potentially betrayed by the faith he swore allegiance to, he utilizes in his quest the only stable foundation remaining to him: his own logic and reason.




Frontis Illustration for "Our Algorithm Who Art Perfection"

Copyright © Zhivko Zhelev 2016



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