One More Week

If any of you have been following Intersection Thirteen on this site, you will have noticed that its release date continues getting pushed back. I was first supposed to release in mid-March. Then it was mid-April. Then mid-May. It has been slated for every Friday in June so far, most recently being pushed back from the 11th to the 18th. The observer may wonder if Intersection Thirteen’s release date is doomed to perpetually slip further and further into future.

I am bound and determined that June 18 will be the final and actual release date. One week ago, I decided to read through the novel one more time. This will be my most edited novel since Voyage Embarkation, on which I performed eleven total editing passes prior to its release. Intersection Thirteen isn’t that intense, but at revision number eight, it’s getting close.

This is entirely nerves. Deep down, I believe that if I can craft my message the right way, people will be receptive to it. But, as sad it is, the reality is that no matter how good an argument one makes for generosity, for kindness, for grace, for compassion, for finding what’s good in the world amongst the myriad catastrophes life throws at us, some people will find it necessary to tear those ideals down. I have to accept that I won’t make everyone happy, most especially if I tell the truth and encourage others to be their better selves. Plato provided us a vivid depiction of how well such endeavors end.

In one week’s time, I will let go of Intersection Thirteen, for whatever good it may do the world. It will be as good as I can possibly have made it.

On the other side of Intersection Thirteen’s release, I have Chronicles of Ytria to clean up. I will also be revealing that book’s cover, too, as well as some other new artwork. As my relative silence has indicated, it has been a difficult past six months for me artistically, but I think I’m finally ready to give up Intersection Thirteen to the world and continue on to my backlogged projects. I’ve got ideas brewing for a new novel, and it’s well past time for me to unblock my creative pipeline and get things moving again.